We are a leading provider of online audio production services. From the idea to the finished master, we realize cutting-edge audio projects at the highest level. Since 2008, we support artists of different musical styles and companies to realize their vision. No matter what artistic genre you belong to, Platinum Sound Studio in the heart of Düsseldorf is your partner for first-class audio products.


One of the most important requirements for a perfect master is a listening situation that reproduces the sound as unaltered as possible.

For this purpose, we have built a room with impeccable acoustics that strives for perfection and interferes as little as possible with the information we hear from our speakers.

The room was designed with the help of professional acousticians, using GIK Acoustics modules and custom-made modules. In our quest to achieve the optimum level of listening, we also used innovative products such as PSI Audio's active bass traps (AVAA C20) and for further linearity we used a speaker correction system, called Trinnov ST2 Pro, which sets the industry benchmark for sound processing. This results in mixes that translate across diverse listening environments and broadcast standards so that your audience can enjoy your music as you intended it to do.


We have top of the line equipment, both analog and digital, as well as unique custom equipment. On the digital side we work with plugins from, among others: Universal Audio, Waves, Izotope, Brainworx, Leapwing Audio and TC Electronic. Additionally, we are certified as Vovox Purum Studio for being fully equipped with Vovox cables, these are conductors of the highest quality. (https://vovox.com/blogs/vovox-purum-studios/platinum-sound-studio-dusseldorf-d)



  • Thermionic Culture Phoenix (Mastering Version modified with Telefunken valves)
  • API 2500 VCA Bus-Comp (modified)
  • SSL G-Bus 500 Series
  • Dangerous Music Comp
  • Tubetech SMC 2B
  • SPL TRANSIENT Designer 4


  • Millenia Media NSEQ2 (modified with Telefunken valves)
  • SPL Passeq 2
  • API 5500
  • SSL Ultraviolet Eq
  • AMS Neve 1073 LB Eq
  • Behringer FBQ3 102HD ULTRAGRAPH PRO 2x 31 Band
  • Chandler Limited EMI TG 12345 Curve Bender


  • Cranesong Avocet
  • Trinnov ST2 Pro
  • ATC 50 ASL Pro
  • Yamaha NS 10 M Studio
  • Auratone 5C Active Sound Cube
  • Audeze LCD-X
  • JL Audio E 110 Subwoofer


  • Apogee DA 16x / AD 16x
  • Universal Audio Apollo X6

Preamps & Microphones

  • Great River ME1NV
  • Chandler Limited TG Microphone


  • Logic Pro X
  • Steinberg Wavelab Pro 10
  • Universal Audio (todos los Plugins)
  • Izotope RX 8
  • Eventide Anthology XI
  • TC Electronic M6000 Native Bundle
  • i.a.


  • Apogee Big Ben Clock
  • Apogee Thunderbridge
  • Dangerous Music 2 BUS LT
  • Sonnet Echo TB2
  • UAD Quadcore
  • Apple I5 IMAC