After you have booked your services, we will contact you and send you a link to upload your audio files. Alternatively you can send us a download link with your files if you like.After checking your files, we agree on the time frame and costs, specific details on how the mix should be delivered and discuss your sonic ideas. You can send us your production online. After completion, we will also send you the master online, so you can download it and listen to it in your usual listening environment. If you want to make any changes, just contact us. As soon as the master meets your expectations, we will prepare everything for the final approval.

Please send us your song as a "stereo interleaved" file in 24 bit at the session sample-rate you’ve been working in (44.1Khz up to 96Khz) in WAV or AIFF format. If you send more than one track, please include the order in the file name, for example: Tracknumber-Songtitle-Mix01.wav

In general, the level should not exceed 0dbFS. We recommend a level of about - 3 dbFS as a

Before mixdown, all master bus effects should be removed which are there exclusively to increase the volume. This applies to all kinds of compressors, limiters, clippers, etc. What is relevant to the sound in your mix on the sum should be kept. That means a moderate sum compression of e.g. 1 - 2 db is fine. It is important that the mix still has headroom. If in doubt, please send us two versions - one with and one without master bus processing. After we have examined the material, we will decide on the most suitable version.

Sure, this will help us to better understand your wishes and ideas.

Yes, in case you want to release your songs digitally or on vinyl, we will be happy to create a master for you that takes into account the characteristics of both target media. However, we do not offer vinyl editing.

For albums and EPs, please tell us the track order. If you want to release your project on CD as well, we need the following information from you:

1. name of the artist(s)
2. title of the album
3. all song titles
4. ISRC codes if applicable

Please let us know in which format(s) the final version will be released. Will it be available on CD and/or vinyl and/or as an online release?

You can provide us with your audio files via the file hosting service WeTransfer or Dropbox. After receiving your order, we will also send you a corresponding Dropbox or WeTransfer link if you wish.

After processing your audio files, we will send you your master in the format of your choice. If you do not have any specific ideas in this regard, we will choose the format that is most suitable for your publication. For online releases, we always create all masters as WAV files. For a release on CD or vinyl, we convert the WAV files into the DDP (Disc Description Protocol) format for an additional charge. DDP files can be used like virtual images of an audio CD. It is also possible to burn a data or audio CD as a "listening copy" based on your master, in order to check the recording again in your CD player before sending it to the pressing plant. For releases on vinyl you should check with the pressing plant in advance which bit format is required.

Our service already includes one revision without additional costs. Additional revisions are generally available for an extra charge.

Yes, of course. Stem mastering offers many possibilities to improve the quality of your master. You should make sure that you sort the stems for delivery into meaningful groups, such as bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals, drums, effects, etc.. Furthermore, it is important that the stems you give us all begin from the same starting point (i.e. at 0) and when opened in the DAW play your mix 1:1.
Compared to stereo mastering, this causes an higher effort, since we can intervene in the audio material with details and so implement targeted improvements. Mixes that were created under unfavorable conditions benefit especially from stem mastering. For example, we can better evaluate your songs in our acoustically optimized environment and optimize them accordingly. For the added value you get, we charge you a relatively small surcharge.

You can choose between payment in advance or Paypal. After you have contacted us via the contact form, we will create an individual offer for your services and send you our bank details or a Paypal payment link.

We currently offer our service only remotely, so unfortunately visits are not possible at the moment. Nevertheless, we will implement your wishes as best as possible.

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